Sam Picker, one of Australia’s fastest shearers jumped on the other side and was shorn to raise funds for the Herd of Hope with the donation the funds are used to supply regional NSW transplant patients and their care person with a support pack – the Shearer’s Gift.

Shearer’s Gift recognises the charitable work of Sam Picker, from Bigga, in the NSW Southern Tablelands.
Sam had been raising money for organ donation for some time, but didn’t realise the true impact of the cause until his friend, Jake Apps, passed away in October 2019.
The friends met in primary school and Jake sadly died from cystic fibrosis at age 25.
In 2019, Sam auctioned the rights to ‘shear’ his hair and beard at the National Shearing Championships in Dubbo, for more than $8000.
Sam also raised $4000 on the day and donated a ram from his family’s property, ‘Hillcreston’, in Bigga, that same month.
The ram was sold for $1500.
“Herd of Hope was looking for something to do with the money and came up with the Shearer’s Gift,” says Sam.
“The thing with organ donation is you’ve got to go as soon as they ring you so the hope is this takes some of the pressure off recipients, especially those who aren’t used to going to the city.”
Sam plays rugby union for his local team, Crookwell Dogs, and is currently organising an annual game that will also raise funds for Herd of Hope.

Herd of Hope uses the money raised by Sam to fund the Shearer’s Gift.
What is in the “Shearer’s Gift?”
The pack has been put together for rural transplant patients and their carer after they are discharged from the hospital and remain in Sydney for up to and longer than 4 weeks.
Items that are included are:
UBBER EATS voucher
OPEL CARD – public transport ticket
MAPs and important locations.
Australian Wool products.
And so much More!