Sandy is a tissue transplant recipient. She was diagnosed with FUCH’s Dystrophy in 2010, and received Corneal transplants in 2013 & 2015. Two wonderful donors and their families gave her the “gift of sight”. Sandy is so grateful for every sunrise and sunset and everything seen in between.

Since her surgeries, she has taught her son, Jordan to drive, watched him graduate high school, graduate from University and celebrated his 21 st in 2019. All milestones she would not have seen, if not for her generous donors and their families. Sandy’s family has experienced organ donation both as a recipient and a donor family. In 2017, her sister in law, Maria had a second stroke in 10 years. Maria had registered as a donor. The family had conversations about organ donation, this made the decision easier as they knew Maria’s wishes. Maria saved 2 lives, 2 families now have a new beginning.

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