Elsie’s lives in rural SA, 1 hr 40 min drive from Adelaide. Her parents Shevahn and Peter run a sheep property on 3000 acres. Elsie aged 4 has three siblings Macey 10, Jack 6 and Ned 3. Elsie had heart surgery at 3 months old and began dialysis aged 2. She has dialysis overnight for 12 hours, 7 days a week and travels to Adelaide once a week for blood tests and reviews with the Renal team. When Elsie is unwell, they may travel to Adelaide up to 3 or 4 times a week.

Elsie is a strong and fearless little girl, so many needles, blood tests, hospital stays and doctors to see. Elsie struggles with many barriers. She cannot communicate with speech. Due to dialysis Elsie doesn’t eat, she likes to smell and lick her food and has a nasal gastric tube to receive much needed nutrients.

Elsie was hospitalised in Adelaide, her heart valve was failing from the dialysis and spent 3 weeks there. Elsie was excited to return home after her latest hospital stay. Once she has her transplant, she dreams of getting a big girl bed and decorating her room, as all 5 year old girls do. Her family like to focus on the positive things and hope one day Elsie will be able to enjoy a bubble bath and even learn to swim (because of her catheter she cannot be submerged in water) and maybe even play in the dirt. Elsie would like to eat lots of birthday cake and go to kindergarten with all her friends.

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