Professor Ian Olver and Dr Kate Gunn with Professor Stephen McDonald conducted the first  Australian study focussing on the experiences and supportive care needs of transplant patients and their support network who live in rural or regional areas of Australia.

This study was independently funded by Herd of Hope with Professor Ian Olver and Dr Kate Gunn donating their time in-kind.


+ There are currently little to no services available for pre and post-transplant care in rural Australia.

+ We need to enable regionally based transplant recipients to receive better treatment and post transplant options closer to home.


  • Reduce the anxiety behind isolation for both patients and carers. Create a direct line of contact – patient to patient.  
  • To implement a service that has been requested directly from the patient.   
  • Establish a support network for carers of patients post-transplant.  
  • To streamline access to information and management for general practitioners in regional areas.  


  • Prevention of subsequent transplant through education via guidance from peers.  
  • Normalising the side effects of medication through peer support.  
  • Equip carers with support and resources to facilitate an optimal transplant outcome.