Champions of Transplant Camp

By December 4, 2018 May 19th, 2020 Upcoming Events

Our champions will experience life on Undoolya Cattle Station with other children that have shared a similar story. For three days the children will muster cattle, sleep in a swag, get grubby and have fun. Please contact us if you wish to refer a child that would benefit from attending the camp.

These camps will be provided to kids that have experienced a transplant but were not the recipient. Their close relative needed a life saving transplant which left them vulnerable in a time when life is in the balance. These camps will be designed to put the focus back on them!

Counselling services will be provided as well as a range of activities that recognises their inner strength. We want to acknowledge their contribution when times were tough. To get involved please contact us on team@herdofhope.com.

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